Leveraging Smart Data for Security

February 7, 2018

Leveraging Smart Data for Security A Closer Look at 2018 Security Trends: How do we leverage smart data for our security? In the last 60 seconds, our worldwide community sent 156 million emails, ran 3.8 million Google searches and uploaded 400 hours of video onto YouTube. This glut of data hijacks serious storage space and… Read More »

IoT Security Best Practices - A Closer Look at 2018 Security Trends: How Will Providers Secure the IoT and Our Increasingly Connected World?

IoT Security Best Practices

January 24, 2018

IoT Security Best Practices A Closer Look at 2018 Security Trends: How Will Providers Secure the IoT and Our Increasingly Connected World? With Amazon Alexa on your nightstand, your Nest thermostat watching your energy consumption and your Samsung “fridge of the future” letting you know when you’re low on ketchup, you’re likely interacting with an… Read More »


The 10 Security Trends to Watch in 2018

January 11, 2018

Security trends to look out for in the new year “We are living in the most exciting times in the history of modern technology,” notes Steven Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo and Chairman of the Security Industry Association (SIA) Standards. “Technological currents have converged and amplified and remixed with each other to accelerate… Read More »


How Did Security Move Forward in 2017?

December 22, 2017

And How Can You Take Advantage of These Trends?   While 2017 wasn’t a watershed in the world of access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance, there were several noteworthy trends that drove the industry forward. The experts at Security Sales & Integration recently identified five:   Artificial Intelligence Continued to Grow As both AI… Read More »


Top Five Blog Posts of 2017

December 8, 2017

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Choose a Security Integrator with a Great Home Base and Even Greater Range

November 21, 2017

Why Geography Matters—And When it Doesn’t   The DMV area has thrived on innovation since leading the technological revolution in the late 1990s. Internet providers like AOL and UUNet, and telecommunications giants MCI and Verizon spurred phenomenal job growth and technological advances here and throughout the country. In 2017, the federal government now plays a… Read More »


The Importance of Security Integrators Overseeing Your Perimeter Security

November 9, 2017

Last week, New York City suffered the most devastating terrorist attack since 9/11—not from a highly coordinated and technologically advanced plan, but from a decidedly low-tech, under-the-radar vehicular assault. The increase in events like these cause businesses to rethink their perimeter and force them to secure their properties with formidable barriers that vet employees and… Read More »


What is an ISO Certification and Why Does it Matter?

November 2, 2017

You’ve likely heard of the ISO standards, but do you know the important details?   The International Standards Organization is a trusted third-party auditing organization using standards to help companies maintain consistent results and pursue constant improvement. This quality management system (QMS) designation is geared towards companies offering design, engineering and manufacturing services. While the… Read More »


Do Certifications Make a Difference?

October 25, 2017

In an age where far-reaching IT security breaches can occur regularly, new crops of IT companies are springing up to assure vulnerable enterprises that their security is indeed, secure.   These IT security companies’ services are increasingly in high demand. In 2016, more than 200,000 security positions were available in the U.S. Around 1.5 million… Read More »


Why a one-stop shop is critical to securing your physical environment

October 18, 2017

Door Locking Solutions One-Stop Shop When it comes to security doors or any other type of physical security, the general rule of thumb is that fewer cooks are better in the kitchen. When you enlist the help of various companies to handle various aspects of your security, you are susceptible to greater security risks like… Read More »