Which End Users are Using Hosted and Managed Services?

Which End Users Are Using Hosted and Managed Services? | Integrated Security Technologies

It’s really a question of “Who isn’t using hosted or managed services?” From industries with the most stringent security requirements to a local bakery and its bookkeeping system, more businesses are embracing the cost-effectiveness that hosted and managed services provide. So which end users are benefiting from using hosted and managed services?


Certain industries’ adoption of hosted and managed services makes good sense. For instance, the healthcare sector is a top adapter, because of its need for high-level security for patient protection. The rapidly increasing wearable devices that hospitals make available to patients, for example. The transition to digital records and patient oriented apps required healthcare to rely on both hosted and managed services.  It secured and stored documents and data, managed communications,  handled HR, accounting, and other crucial functions. (Source:  Inc.com)

One such example is Christiana Care Health System, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Anahi Santiago, Chief Information Security Officer, explains the organization’s “cloud-first” approach: “If there is an application that can run on our data center, or it can run on the vendor’s data center, we would prefer to run it out there,” she said. Santiago stated that their “core function” should not have to focus on “hardware and gear.”

“Many of these vendors have large, dedicated security personnel that can probably do security even better than we can just base on economies of scale,” said Santiago. She notes that these vendors are also more efficient than on-premise management would be. “Being in the cloud affords us the ability to be more innovative, strategic and to move at a faster pace,” (Source:  Healthcare IT News).

The Military

The military has to correspond to top security levels, and benefits from a hosted or managed services provider’s expertise, cost savings, and attention to security. In January 2017, the U.S. Army contracted with IBM to build, manage, and operate a cloud solution for their Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama.

Lt. General Robert Ferrell, U.S. Army CIO, says, “Cloud computing is a game-changing architecture that provides improved performance with high efficiency, all in a secure environment.”

Sam Gordy, General Manager at IBM U.S. Federal, adds, “This IBM Cloud solution will provide the Army with greater flexibility and will go a long way toward mitigating, and, in some cases eliminating, the security challenges inherent with multiple ingress and egress points,” (Source: IBM.com).

IST currently provides hosted and/or managed security solutions for end users such as Education and State/Local Government institutions or facilities. However, all industries can benefit from the levels of security by using either a hosted or managed services solution. Considering the cost savings, time savings and overall enhanced peace of mind, these benefits make incorporating hosted and managed services solutions a smart, strategic move for any business.

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