Why Hosted or Managed Security Solutions Make Good Business Sense Reason #1

Eliminate Costly Infrastructure with Managed Security Solutions | Integrated Security Technologies

Reason #1: Eliminate Software Maintenance Infrastructure

To effectively secure sensitive data in today’s increasingly risk-riddled business-scape, it takes a bulletproof IT team to manage software maintenance. The team needs to be knowledgeable in the best security practices, continually update the system and counteract software breaches. Like a virus morphing to infiltrate our body’s defenses, hackers work 24/7 to break security down. This increased need for IT vigilance is expensive and time-consuming.


That’s why using a hosted or managed security solution makes such good business sense. You are able to eliminate the high cost of having a full-time, in-house IT security team to oversee software maintenance while gaining a team that’s well-versed in the security industry. This extended team proactively anticipates, uncovers and diffuses threats to the system. It also handles critical upgrades and provides round-the-clock, worry-free service.


Never let your guard down

One of the biggest pitfalls of securing sensitive data in-house is that IT teams don’t always properly record their work. In fact, a 2014 State of IT Changes Survey showed that more than half of IT professionals were making changes to their IT systems without documenting them (Source:  Digitalguardian.com). Since keeping your data and documents secure is one of the most critical business functions, you can’t rely solely on your in-house team. That’s where a hosted or managed security solution comes in.


IST’s manufacturing partner, Hattrix, recently helped a company fix a bloated key database while addressing critical threats to their business that the in-house team was unable to handle. In addition to strengthening their security, Hattrix also saved the company money. Based on Hattrix’s calculations, the company achieved an annual savings of $5,900 in system updates, Norton Antivirus software and SSL. Since software inefficiencies represented just one faction of their move to a managed security system, this company ultimately saved $15,750 over the course of the year.


As more companies are realizing the values of outsourcing their security, this idea has become a common refrain. Companies trying to secure their own sensitive data often abandon other important business functions to focus on security. Any company can get tripped up when the business of security management is added to their core pursuits. The landscape is changing too fast for them to remain effective.


Sometimes it’s just smart to outsource. There are several other good reasons to do so, beyond eliminating software inefficiencies. To see more of the story, download our e-book here.