Why Hosted or Managed Security Solutions Make Good Business Sense Reason #4

Why Hosted or Managed Security Solutions Make Good Business Sense - Reason #4 | Integrated Security Technologies

Reason #4:  Eliminate Manpower Expenses


Here’s a good gut check for the state of your security:  Do you sometimes struggle to build a staff that can effectively and efficiently handle your security? A full time dedicated person or a full-blown team is an expensive proposition. Adding the responsibility for security with other numerous IT responsibilities can lead to maintenance inefficiencies—or worse—high-level security breaches. Both can seriously inhibit your company’s growth and cut deeply into your bottom line. If you’re running into these issues, a managed security solution might be the answer.


With a managed security solution, an outsourced IT team handles every aspect of your security—From the installation to the monitoring, to the upgrading, to proactively troubleshooting and strengthening the system. This means that IST is on security duty 24/7 so that you don’t have to be. In the long run, the savings can be significant.


Get More for Your Money

A 2016 study by the nonprofit Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) talked to over 400 businesses across different industries, all using a managed service. Here’s what the CompTIA study found:

Source:  Comptia.org


Your designated employees’ time spent researching and implementing the latest technology is money that can be better spent elsewhere. It makes excellent business sense to shift this responsibility to a managed service provider that’s up to speed on the latest practices and has expertise in IT security.


However, a hosted solution does not offer this service and will require help from your IT team, and/or the resources responsible for managing your security systems. While it’s also a great solution, it will not save you manpower money. It’s important to make this distinction based on your company’s needs.


This post concludes our coverage of the four reasons why a hosted or a managed security system makes good business sense. With them, you can eliminate:

  1. Software inefficiencies (with both hosted and managed)
  2. Infrastructure costs (with both hosted and managed)
  3. The knowledge gap (with managed)
  4. Manpower expenditures (with managed)

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