How Do I Find the Right Hosted or Managed Services Provider?

How to Choose a Security Provider Checklist | Integrated Security Technologies

8 Things to Check

We’ve talked about how you can make the business case for moving to a hosted or managed security solution. So once you’re ready, how do you choose? There are a number of providers out there, so you can start by using this checklist to help you find the right one for your company’s needs:

  1. Services: Do the provider’s services align with your company’s current AND future needs?  Some services seem like a good fit now, but are they scalable so they can grow with your company? Thinking a few years ahead will save you trouble and money down the road.


  1. Cultural Fit: Are your security priorities their priorities too? It’s important to discuss what’s crucial to you and your business. Whether it’s receiving daily security updates, getting in-house personnel training (a hosted solution benefit) or partnering with specific vendors, you need to know their philosophy. When dealing with the delicate aspect of security, it’s reassuring when your provider responds to threats appropriately and sees eye-to-eye with you on security needs.


  1. Third Party Verified: Make sure you have a SSAE16 or ISO-certified data center to achieve compliance with HIPAA, SOX or PCI DSS. Those requirements vary per business.


  1. Employee Certifications: Providers with certifications have taken the time and money to validate their employees’ credentials. You can feel good about partnering and trusting them with your data.


  1. Employee Trustworthiness: It goes without saying that a security company should have impeccable standards here. Make sure they’re screening their employees thoroughly with criminal background checks, drug testing and security clearances if applicable.


  1. Manufacturer Relationships: Providers with strong manufacturer connections have an edge in an emergency—and will generally provide greater ongoing service. Check partner status, certifications and if the provider has direct access to the manufacturers’ L3 engineers. This can show you how committed the provider is to its manufacturers’ relationships and ultimately to you.


  1. Datacenter Security: Is their datacenter equipped with high-security measures? Do they have biometric authentication, 24/7 in-person and video monitoring and user records to protect your critical data? Do they have full redundancy and disaster recovery systems in place in case of a natural disaster or other catastrophic events? Ensure that your security is secured too.


  1. Daily Relationship: Last but certainly not least, how will your provider keep the communication channels open? Do they have a portal for daily security updates, service level reports and troubleshooting requests? How about communication hubs for feedback and best practices? Clear and easy communication is key to running a successful security operation.


Is IST a good fit for you?

We’d like to think so. We work hard to help you check the above boxes. Our services are scalable and our data center is third-party verified and deploys the highest security levels. Our employees are screened for security continuously and maintain the most up-to-date certifications, including top-level vendor certifications. We’d be happy to help you address your security concerns and objectives. Contact us here to see how.