Do IT Network Certifications Make a Difference?

Do IT Network Certifications Make A Difference? | Integrated Security Technologies

In an age where far-reaching IT security breaches can occur regularly, new crops of IT companies are springing up to assure vulnerable enterprises that their security is indeed, secure.


These IT security companies’ services are increasingly in high demand. In 2016, more than 200,000 security positions were available in the U.S. Around 1.5 million positions are expected to be filled globally by 2019 (Source:  tom’sIT PRO).


With a glut of providers offering security services, how can CIOs, CTOs, CMOs and other decision-makers know which companies to trust with their critical data? The stakes are high. Just one breach can destroy valued customers’ trust and leave the company open to business-ending lawsuits, personal identity theft issues and countless other types of confidence and financial fallout.


Certifications Are One Answer

Many certifications that a company holds, both collectively and with individual employees, are simple but effective measures of an IT security company’s merit. Legitimate certifications can be difficult to achieve and require significant investments of time and money. With these investments, you can be assured that the security company maintains a strong dedication to process and quality control as well as overall excellence in high level IT security.


At IST, we hold a very large number of some of the most advanced certifications in our industry. We believe in partnering with proven, high-quality manufacturers, and we test their products in-house before committing to them. Our employees work hard to earn their certifications so we can offer our clients the most premium products and services, period.


“We want to prove to our customers that we are serious about bringing the industries and manufactures best practices to their security solution,” says Jon Langhorst, PSP, President of IST. “For all our products lines, including Access Control, Video Management, Door Hardware and Intrusion Detection, we are focused on getting as many members of the team trained as possible. We especially do this within the engineering group, where we try to maintain multiple certified individuals in each category, for each vendor. And, as a company, we become certified to the highest level that the manufacturers provide, in addition to the individual certifications that our employees obtain. This shows our dedication to applying best practices.”


Which Certifications Are Important?

IST focuses certifications for IP networks, including Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) for Routing and Switching, CCNET (for installing, operating and troubleshooting a small enterprise branch network) and CSEIP (Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS).

“A lot of our competitors do not have these qualifications,” explains Langhorst. “These qualifications are tough to get because there are typically a lot of hoops to jump through to prove your suitability to receive the certification. But they are absolutely imperative in understanding and properly deploying secure and compliant network-based integrated systems.”


In addition to achieving maintaining the coveted ISO 9001:2015 Registration, without restrictions for the past 14 years, IST was the first systems integrator to receive the new FICAM Services SIN 246-60-5 by GSA. IST maintains four CSEIP staff to deploy these FIPS201-2 compliant PACS (Physical Access Control Systems) for Life Cycle Maintenance. Langhorst adds that “having these high levels of registrations and certifications prove to our clients – and to our team members – that IST is dedicated to the engineering process.”


The Small Business Administration also named IST a Small Business Enterprise, enabling government agencies and contractors to streamline our procurement process. While many competitors have government certifications, IST retains more trained and certified employees in this arena.


We continually strive to hold the highest certifications so we can provide you with the highest levels of service. To see a complete list of our company-wide certifications and other important qualifications, click here.