Why a one-stop shop is critical to securing your physical environment

Door Locking Solutions One-Stop Shop | Integrated Security Technologies

Door Locking Solutions One-Stop Shop

When it comes to security doors or any other type of physical security, the general rule of thumb is that fewer cooks are better in the kitchen.

When you enlist the help of various companies to handle various aspects of your security, you are susceptible to greater security risks like human error, stymied communication and other opportunities for good practices to fall through the cracks.


As a one-stop security shop, IST addresses this concern for our clients. We understand the importance of keeping security tighter with fewer cooks and fewer moving parts. In fact, there are several important reasons why going with a one-stop shop for your doors and your overall security will strengthen your position.


Save Money, Time and Your Sanity:  Most importantly, using a one-stop shop will alleviate your stress levels and provide peace of mind. You’ll work with one point person, and you can hand over all security concerns to their team. This streamlined interaction saves tremendous amounts of time as well as effort and certainly puts you at ease. Another important consideration is cost savings. By bundling services, you’ll gain greater efficiencies and save significant money on security services.


Eliminate Finger Pointing:  One downfall of engaging with several security vendors is that it makes it easy for vendors to scapegoat if an issue arises. For instance, one vendor can easily blame another when a fire code requirement is not met or when components malfunction or break. With a one-stop shop, the responsibility lies completely with us. We are accountable for every issue, so we’re motivated to be proactive first of all—but also to accept responsibility and correct any issues.


Eradicate Inspection Delays:  With a one-stop shop, we do everything. From door security design—to setup—to maintenance and troubleshooting, it’s all included. We also handle inspections seamlessly as part of that process, so you won’t have to coordinate schedules among vendors. We’ll ensure that all inspections are done correctly and in a timely manner.


Troubleshoot Problems Before They Become Problems:  A great advantage of a one-stop shop is its ability to see your security in its entirety and foresee any issues on the horizon. When we have access to all information, and other vendors aren’t withholding data or failing to report it accurately, we can make the most informed decisions on how to proceed. With the complete picture, we’ll proactively find and troubleshoot issues before they become real problems.


While there are several reasons why it’s much easier, more efficient and just smarter use a one-stop shop for your security, another important consideration is the long-term. When you choose one security partner, your relationship becomes a true partnership in many ways. With all the pieces of your security puzzle, we can always act with your best interests in mind.


At IST, in addition to offering one-stop service, we’re also proud to provide you with a team leader that’s been certified by the Door Hardware Institute, a recognized industry-wide organization dedicated to promoting Standards and Best Practices. Look here to see how we can effectively help with your door hardware and locking objectives or request info here.