The Importance of Security Integrators Overseeing Your Perimeter Security

The Importance of Security Integrators Overseeing Your Perimeter Security | Integrated Security Technologies

Last week, New York City suffered the most devastating terrorist attack since 9/11—not from a highly coordinated and technologically advanced plan, but from a decidedly low-tech, under-the-radar vehicular assault. The increase in events like these cause businesses to rethink their perimeter and force them to secure their properties with formidable barriers that vet employees and visitors farther away from companies’ main entrances and assets.


While these enterprises look to trusted security integrators to install perimeter security, they should be aware that most security integrators outsource turnstile, vehicle barrier, gate and booth installations to third-party contractors. Companies subcontract often just to save costs, but the loss of control over the installation process can ultimately cause costly scheduling and quality issues. Additionally, it can compromise the client’s security posture.


IST does not outsource perimeter security installations. We have the in-house expertise to design, install, service, upgrade and maintain these blockades, thereby retaining control over the entire lifecycle process. From the first point of contact with the client, throughout installation and maintenance cycles, IST works directly with its clients. In this way, we ensure consistent quality throughout the process and avoid the finger-pointing that can occur when working with multiple vendors—as well as the security risks.


“We’re quality control freaks,” explained IST’s President, Jon Langhorst, PSP. “The only things we’ll subcontract out are major excavation, drainage and major runs of conduit.  And we only sub these tasks out to a small group of trusted contractors, one of which we’ve worked with for over 20 years. We handle everything else—the concept, design, engineering, wiring, set-up, programming and commissioning—so that we can ensure consistency and quality.”


By working with just a small stable of proven partners, IST maintains control over the entire process and provides the best outcomes for our clients.


Which Perimeter Security Is Right for You?

IST offers a variety of barrier options that feature different security levels and accommodate diverse needs. For instance, turnstiles can effectively monitor and allow pedestrian access to secure areas. Optical turnstiles, typically found in building lobbies, use infrared beams to alert security personnel about unauthorized entries. Full height turnstiles can be installed either outside or inside of a building for a visually imposing, structurally sound barrier to entry. Tripod, or “stadium style” turnstiles easily provide accurate traffic counts.


If your goal is to prevent vehicle access, then barriers, gates or booths built for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) work well. Their presence alone is usually enough to stop an attempted wrongful entry, but these serious deterrents also provide anti-ram security if necessary. IST offers flexible HVM options to suit your needs based on your particular situation.


Reliable HVM crash-rated products range from road blockers to gates and spike barriers. Road blockers, also known a pop-up or wedge barriers, provide high security with impenetrable materials, and can be installed on any road surface; they’re designed to stop vehicles up to 15,000 pounds traveling up to 50 mph. Drop-arm barriers, sliding gates, security fences and bullet resistant guard booths can be integrated to provide a complete secure perimeter.


We also offer visually powerful options like spike barriers, which will harm tires and rims and can be tempered for varying levels of security risks. If you’re seeking aesthetically pleasing HVM options, traffic bollards work well and flexibly adjust for changing traffic needs. They can be raised or lowered and blend in well with the outside environment. They can also provide exceptional anti-ram protection when properly specified and installed.


Depending upon your objectives, we can design a perimeter security system that integrates into your access control card reader system and that keeps your employees and property safe from the unexpected attacks that are sadly becoming more prevalent today.


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