Apr 5, 2018

Review Your School Security System

Now’s the Time to Review Your School Security System

We’ve reached a grisly tipping point in the fight against school shootings in this country. February’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL unleashed a national outcry. Led by the very students that survived this too-often seen tragedy, awakened activists throughout the U.S. are loudly petitioning, lobbying and marching for more gun control and safer schools. Change is in the air.


Leaving the gun debate aside for a moment, one of the best ways to protect our students is through smart and effective school security systems. In recent years, there’s been a huge uptick in installations, as schools move to secure themselves with cameras, perimeter security hardware and mechanical and electronic locks for the classrooms. They’re implementing what’s known as “airportization,” as they seal up possible breach points and provide gatekeepers with the technology and authority to keep would-be attackers out. Most schools now vet visitors with a camera and then buzz them in with an intercom.


By prioritizing security, schools are able to marshal the budgets needed to implement school security systems through several government programs. Michael Ruddo, Vice President of Business Development at Integrated Security Technologies, Inc., who was quoted in SDM Magazine in the article “What It Takes to be Successful in the K-12 Security Market,” explained, “there is more state and federal funding available for them through grant programs.”


Specifically, the U.S. Department of Treasury recently instituted the E-Rate program to provide discounts and incentives to help schools upgrade their networking infrastructure to counteract cyber threats that can also trip up their physical security.


School Security Systems are Easier to Get

Is your system up to snuff? Now’s the time to review your school security system because many schools are seeing real savings from theirs. As schools receive more grant money for security solutions, the technology is concurrently decreasing in cost. The end result is that schools may be able to afford more hardware and a greater number of services.


Additionally, security integrators can also provide more help than in the past.


“Fortunately security technologies have migrated to the IP/IT infrastructure,” said Ruddo. “Since this has already been built for collaborative and educational reasons, it is getting to the point where everything is IP-based, from the computers to the AV systems with smart boards.”


It’s easier than ever for security integrators to help schools achieve their security objectives.


Integrators like IST have become true partners to educational institutions ranging from K-12 to higher education, overseeing comprehensive school security systems that are seamlessly integrated and can be managed remotely or on-site from one spot.


“We take a very holistic approach,” Ruddo said. “We want to understand, ‘What are your risks? What are your problems? How do you operate on a day-to-day basis?’ Maybe locking that door will have a huge impact.”


With this approach, IST can provide exactly what your school needs—no more and no less.


If you’re looking to add or upgrade your school security system, we can help. We offer complete solutions ranging from video surveillance systems, to door entry systems, to barriers, to cybersecurity measures and more. In most cases, we can even integrate the latest technology with your existing systems. We closely monitor security trends in schools and elsewhere, and internally test the latest security driven products to make sure they’re effective every time.


We’ll help you design a security system that helps you—and your students and faculty—feel safe. Look here for a list of the best ways to secure your school.