Reducing Security Risks in 2020 and Beyond

Data breaches, accidents, natural disasters, workplace violence – what else could go wrong in your enterprise? Plenty. According to the 2019 Security 500 report, the Top 10 Security and Risk Trends includes:

  1. Workplace Violence and Active Shooter
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Insider Threat
  4. Executive and Employee Travel
  5. Staffing and Training
  6. Business Continuity, Natural Disaster, Weather
  7. Budget
  8. Security Technology
  9. Theft
  10. Mental Health/Opioid Crisis

Is your organization doing enough to reduce these risks in 2020 and beyond? Where do you stand?

Integrated Security Technologies believes any change should be driven by a security technology strategy and philosophy. IST is a leading system integrator and developer working to ensure that security solutions meet or exceed an organization’s cybersecurity preparedness standards.

We recommend developing a security technology strategy and philosophy through integrated solutions that tie together video surveillance, analytics, access control, and alarm systems within the larger corporate information technology infrastructure.

Also, as our technology dependence and use increase, many organizations with digital transformation efforts struggle to find sufficient talent to address the growing complexity of security – cybersecurity in particular.

If your organization is seeking outside expertise to help address challenges and services, consider IST for your strategic security partner. We provide a variety of managed services that adapt to companies’ evolving needs. Let us help you usher in the new decade by implementing important security enhancements.