Our Approach

SHIELD - Full Lifecycle Approach - Integrated Security TechnologiesYou’re about to enter the core of who we are. IST’s four-phased approach sets us firmly apart from other security systems integrators because it is built specifically for you. When you enlist IST as a partner, these are the steps we take to ensure that your people, property and data are not just protected – they’re definitively secure.



We listen. We do our homework. We think from the end.

Using a holistic perspective, IST assesses your entire security landscape and determines the requirements for meeting your objectives. We then define a multi-faceted strategy for implementing a state-of-the-art solution that evolves with your ever-changing environment. Here are the steps we take to define a strategy that is on-target for achieving your goals:

Needs Assessment: Using a holistic approach, we assess your business environment, operations and security challenges. We then determine risk and strategize on how to eliminate and mitigate its impact on your organization.

Technology Recommendations: Leveraging years of industry experience and relationships with best-of-breed technology partners, we recommend the appropriate technologies for your software, hardware and infrastructure that will support your immediate requirements and evolve with you in the future.

Finalization of Strategy: Once your technology solution has been selected, we define a rough order of magnitude for budgetary funding requirement purposes. We then develop a mutually agreeable project plan with timeline and, if necessary, provide you with guidance on options for contract vehicle.

Once the strategy has been defined, we move into the Engineering & Design Phase >

Engineering & Design

Solutions that are created to live well within the environments they are intended to secure

Once the strategy has been defined, IST’s seasoned team of technology specialists and engineers devise a customized solution based on your objectives. We develop comprehensive technical designs and documentation demonstrating the software, hardware and infrastructure of your system including critical components such as:

  • Security Management Systems
  • Physical Security Detection and Deterrence
  • Video Surveillance and Analysis
  • Network Engineering and Cyber Security
  • Software Application Development

Through a thorough check and balance method, we perform in-house engineering reviews, provide managerial oversight and recommendations. Our eyes are trained on security at all times, and we maintain a strict client confidentiality code throughout the engineering and designing process. As a certified systems integrator of top-tier technology products and high-level vendor certifications, we are able to leverage our strategic partnerships to compound our expertise. Additionally, our engineering team holds up-to-date certifications in all key technologies, setting us worlds apart from most security providers.

IST designs security solutions that live seamlessly within the environments that they are intended to secure. We rigorously assess, analyze, strategize, refine, implement, test and evaluate each solution we create. We make certain the solutions we deploy are continuously working properly and achieving our clients’ ongoing security needs and objectives.

Once this phase is complete, we move into the Implementation Phase >


Our disciplined approach ensures the quality of your investment

In this phase, concept gives way to IST’s disciplined, ISO-driven process. We’re ISO 9001:2015 registered without exceptions. This enables our highly trained support team of project managers, engineers, and technicians to effectively manage the sophisticated integration requirements and the demands of complex installations.

Our project managers oversee all aspects of the project, including the authority to task the engineering department, procure materials, and allocate personnel resources as required. They manage critical milestones, like construction schedules, material delivery schedules, manpower loading requirements, and ultimately, the successful completion of the project within the established schedule and budget. They also interact regularly with key corporate management. This is how we ensure that our project managers shepherd the deployment of your solution smoothly through to completion.

Beyond the physical installation of your system, IST believes it is equally important to provide you with a complete understanding of your system post turnover. To that end, we walk you through a complete system test and checkout and create and deliver a customized training program tailored to your specific needs. We also provide you with comprehensive documentation on your system to support your investment.

Now, we move into the final phase: Life-cycle Support >


Life-cycle Support

Securing your investment well into the future

SHIELD - Full Lifecycle Approach - Integrated Security TechnologiesIST creates comprehensive solutions for your most complex and important IT and electronic, physical and cyber security challenges. We help you do it all — design, integrate, install and maintain your IT systems.

With S.H.I.E.L.D, our full life-cycle management program, businesses can stretch security budgets and improve security outcomes by outsourcing aspects of their security system including infrastructure, specialized staff and ongoing maintenance through our multi-tiered service and support programs. This customized approach makes sure you always have the support you need, without any excess programs or costs you don’t.

Click here for an Overview of S.H.I.E.L.D >


IST in the Top 20
IST maintains position as one of North America’s top 20 security systems integrators
IST's technicians adhere to CDC guidelines and will work within your guidelines as well to keep your people, property and data safe during this time.