Government, Industry Take Important Action to Attract Cybersecurity Workers

December 3, 2019

As U.S. cybersecurity risks become more intense, it’s essential that an adequate workforce exists to safeguard the American people and their physical and online assets. Yet there is currently a shortage of about 4 million cybersecurity workers worldwide, an increase of more than 1 million from 2018, according to (ISC)², a nonprofit providing cybersecurity certifications.… Read More »


Security StratEDgy for Schools: Effective and Affordable Solutions

November 13, 2019

Parents send their children to school with the appropriate expectations that they will be safe — that children can focus on learning and growing. Safety threats trump the ability to concentrate, to learn and to grow. Unfortunately, school safety threats loom large not only in the minds of students — but also in the minds… Read More »


Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

October 29, 2019

There’s still no end in sight to the constant onslaught of cyberattacks on today’s businesses, both large and small. Although we’re bombarded with headlines about the big breaches, small businesses are just as vulnerable. The 2018 Hiscox Small Business Cybersecurity Report tells us that 47 percent of small businesses experienced an attack in the past 12… Read More »


Securing Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS): Where to Start

July 29, 2019

Whether we’re depending upon the IoT or the networks that link them, our worlds are increasingly connected – and increasingly more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The SIA, in partnership with the ASIS FoundationTM and BOMA International, recently produced a report warning against security weaknesses in Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS), which rely on the IoT and… Read More »


Get the most out of IST’s S.H.I.E.LD Support Portal

July 10, 2019

IST’s S.H.I.E.L.D Support Portal, designed to give clients secure 24/7/365 access to their service tickets, is live. The web-based interface makes it easy for clients to collaborate with IST service personnel, run ticket reports and prioritize their requests quickly and efficiently. The S.H.I.E.L.D Support Portal serves as a regular, dedicated point person, enabling more frequent… Read More »


Most at Risk, Yet Least Secure: Why Hospitals Need Stronger Cybersecurity Now More than Ever

April 18, 2019

In a post last year called “Are There Holes in Healthcare Cybersecurity?” we covered the growing discrepancy facing our healthcare system. Although this information-rich industry is one of the most desirable targets for cyberhackers, it’s also one of the least protected from them, especially when it comes to the amount of money devoted to cybersecurity… Read More »


SIA 2019 Security Megatrends 9 & 10 – What You Need To Know

April 3, 2019

This post wraps up our series that took a deeper dive into SIA’s comprehensive 2019 Security Megatrends report. Megatrends 9 & 10 both bring the future home with high technology devices that will allows us even greater security, both in our homes and offices. Megatrend 9: Going Biometric for Access Control We are on the… Read More »


SIA 2019 Security Megatrends 7 & 8 – What You Need To Know

March 14, 2019

The Top 10 SIA Projected Security Megatrends in 2019 As we continue to delve into the top ten security megatrends for the year, we’ll look at numbers seven and eight in this post. Both highlight the increasing interconnectedness of our technology. Megatrend 7: How Will Security Integrators Leverage DIY Security Systems? Now that DIY security… Read More »


SIA 2019 Security Megatrends 5 & 6 – What You Need To Know

February 21, 2019

We’re looking next at SIA’s Megatrends 5 and 6, which both deal with issues that are expected to explode in the next year. First, we’ll explore Megatrend #5. Megatrend 5: What’s Next with the Proliferation of AI? The tipping point is finally here. After years of AI’s world-changing promises that foretold either exponential enhancement of… Read More »


SIA 2019 Security Megatrends 3 & 4 – What You Need to Know

February 6, 2019

This post, we are doing a deeper dive into SIA’s 2019 Security Megatrends 3 and 4. Let’s begin with Megatrend 3 … Megatrend 3 – Is Security Keeping up with Cloud Computing? Are cloud computing and security on par? The short answer is no, at least according to widely held perceptions. The residential and consumer… Read More »