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Choose a Security Integrator with a Great Home Base and Even Greater Range

Why Geography Matters—And When it Doesn’t


The DMV area has thrived on innovation since leading the technological revolution in the late 1990s. Internet providers like AOL and UUNet, and telecommunications giants MCI and Verizon spurred phenomenal job growth and technological advances here and throughout the country. In 2017, the federal government now plays a driving role in the push for technology and focuses on cybersecurity and healthcare (Source: The quest for innovation remains as strong as ever.


That puts businesses in the metro area in an excellent position to participate in and reap the benefits of the most recent security innovations.


Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, IST is at the center of the security world in many ways. However, IST goes beyond the metro area to serve other areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Southern Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We also maintain three fully staffed program offices at federal facilities in the Washington DC area to serve the federal government. Many of our competitors don’t have this range.


Choose a Security Integrator with a Great Home Base and Even Greater Range | Integrated Security Technologies


As a customer-centric company, IST has increased its locations to help its customers. “We have continued to expand geographically based on our customers’ needs,” IST President Jon Langhorst said. “Once we make that decision, it is so important, as a company, to completely commit to a region with an ‘all-in’ attitude. We then ramp up the staff and capabilities. The results have been rewarding as we have experienced sustained growth in those markets. Additionally, we have an even greater reach when teaming with like-minded companies across the nation, and we are always strategically evaluating new localities for growth to better serve our nationally positioned clients.”


When Geography Doesn’t Matter:  What Does This Mean For You?

Even if you’re not in our immediate area, we can work with you to create and execute a strong, effective security plan rooted in our proprietary holistic Full Lifecycle Approach. This unique method allows us to address your security throughout its lifecycle, including strategy, engineering, design, implementation and lifecycle support. We’re with you every step of the way.


IST also maintains many important certifications that set us above other security integrators. We have several distinctions that make working with us even easier. In the Virginia area, we are in the Division of Engineering and Buildings’ (DEB) Commonwealth of Virginia Pre-Qualified Contractors Pool list to streamline our work with government entities. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which provides requirements for quality management systems (QMS). This esteemed designation guarantees consistent quality and ongoing dedication to improvement and excellence.


IST is different from our competitors. Local security integrators do not carry the ISO certification. Many of our competitors are also focused on their local areas. We believe it’s important to earn these distinctions and to bring our expertise to places beyond our headquarters. Consider IST whether you’re in the DMV area or not. You can tap our expertise as a company steeped in security both geographically and operationally. We can come to you wherever you are. To contact us, click here.

What is an ISO Certification and Why Does it Matter?

You’ve likely heard of the ISO standards, but do you know the important details?


The International Standards Organization is a trusted third-party auditing organization using standards to help companies maintain consistent results and pursue constant improvement. This quality management system (QMS) designation is geared towards companies offering design, engineering and manufacturing services. While the ISO 9000 family has several documents or standards, the ISO 9001 is the only one requiring certification. The number 2015 refers to the most recent year of revision; previously it was 2008. (Source:  American Society for Quality)


IST achieved this highly regarded ISO 9001:2008 certification as a company, without restrictions, in 2004 after a full year of preparation. Previously it was known as ISO 9001: 2000. This ISO certification is difficult to obtain and sets IST among the ranks of esteemed companies like Ford®, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. In 2017, IST upgraded to ISO 9000:2015 because of the ISO organization’s revisions to the standards.


“Attaining this certification shows our dedication to tough engineering standards and makes us highly accountable to both our clients and employees,” said Jon Langhorst, PSP, President of IST. “The full lifecycle philosophy dovetails perfectly with our commitment to full lifecycle service, and raises our level of accountability every step along the way.”


Very few of IST’s competitors hold this distinction, and Langhorst noted that IST is the only security integrator in the D.C.-area with the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Accountability Equals Accomplishment

Throughout each stage of our Full Life Cycle Approach—strategy, engineering and design, implementation and lifecycle support—IST must hit and document various quality control targets. This documentation is audited annually. IST undergoes regular audits featuring internal management reviews, and annual outside audits that monitor the warehouse, production facilities, the installation process and the engineering procedures to ensure accountability. The company must also be recertified every three years.


As an extension of its commitment to consistency and quality, IST also focuses on partnering with ISO registered manufacturers to ensure that this high standard is maintained throughout the product’s lifecycle as well. All products are tested in-house at IST before being offered to clients.


When acquired for clients, products are logged and stamped upon receipt and tracked throughout the lifecycle process.


“This proves to our clients that we’re dedicated to their long-term success and that we’re buying from the best,” Langhorst said.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification has generated real results, including shorter lead times, reliable and accurate delivery, overall efficiency and consistency across the company both internally and externally. In fact, IST has also reaped several employee benefits, such as improved company morale resulting from easily defined and achievable goals, along with an enhanced focus on these goals. As a certified company, IST has a competitive advantage and can provide better levels of service than its local, non-certified competitors. This translates to a better business relationship for all.


See how we can put our certification to work for you and help improve your processes and quality control. To see IST’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, click here or contact us to learn more.