2020 Security Megatrends: Are You Prepared?

January 2, 2020

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has identified and forecasted key trends in security for 2020. These top 10 forces at play in security, expected to have far-reaching impacts on organizations across the nation, are: Cybersecurity Impact on Physical Security Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition Emphasis on Data Privacy Cloud Computing National Security Concerns Connectivity and IoT… Read More »

Here are the top 10 security megatrends for 2019. These ten security trends 2019 are the change that’s been coming, so get ready to embrace them.

The Top 10 Security Megatrends in 2019: Are you Prepared?

January 3, 2019

Every year at the Securing New Ground (SNGTM) conference, the SIA identifies the ten biggest security trends for the upcoming year by mining SIA member surveys from hundreds of top-level executives in advance, unpacking the hot topics explored by SNG speakers and by speaking with SNG attendees. We’ll provide the top ten security megatrends forecast… Read More »