State and Local Contracts

State and Local Eligibility

Like their federal contracting vehicle counterparts, State and Local authority contracting vehicles can save eligible purchasers time and money in the procurement of their security management system requirements. Many agencies have designed contracting vehicles to meet their needs at the state and local levels that support installation and maintenance services at preferred rates. Such entities include statehouses, courthouses and, of course, educational institutions at both the K-12 and University levels. In many instances, the contracting vehicles established in a given state or local government organization is reciprocal and may be used by other such agencies throughout that state. The pre-negotiated terms and conditions as well as discounted pricing for labor and equipment help to shorten procurement time and save money.

IST is always seeking to establish appropriate state and local contracts in the areas we serve. At present, IST holds a regional contract with the State of Virginia and is identifying others to expand our capabilities in the mid-Atlantic region. The GSA Schedules Program also provides IST and our customers with resources through their Cooperative Purchasing program. This program facilitates purchasing for state and local municipalities nationwide and in the U.S. territories, at federal GSA Schedule rates.

To discover the ways these dynamic tools can be used to simplify procurement, stretch dollars and facilitate required timelines on your project at the state and local level, click here.

Leveraging Federal Buying Power

By using the collective purchasing power of the federal government, the General Services Administration (GSA) can help smaller government entities meet their mission while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. The GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program allows state, local and tribal governments to benefit from pre-vetted vendors on a variety of information technology products and services as well as security and law enforcement products and services offered through specific GSA Schedule contracts. Eligible groups may buy from approved vendors, at any time, for any reason, using any funds available.

Under this collective purchasing program, state and local government entities may buy equipment and related services from contracts awarded under Schedules 70 and 84. Specific information on the benefits of these services follows:

For more information on Cooperative Purchasing and what it can do for your organization, click here.

Schedule Contracts Open Under Cooperative Purchasing:

Schedule 70 IT Solutions (GS-35F-0819M)

Schedule 84 Total Solutions (GS-07F-9158S)

For more information on GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing, contact Mike Ruddo at (703) 464-4766 or by email

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