Virginia State Regional Contract

IST Partners with Virginia

We hold one (1) Virginia State Regional Contract as a result of a competitive bid process for requirements to support the Virginia Beach City Public School system. For more information on the scope within this contract, please contact Michael Ruddo at (703) 464-4766 x717 or by email at Public entities that may not have been involved in the initial bidding process for the City of Virginia Beach Cooperative Purchasing Agreement can also use this contract. Per the guidelines below, they are eligible to use the Cooperative Agreement’s negotiated contract rates and can work directly with the bidders:


This solicitation is being conducted on behalf of other public bodies under the provisions of § 2.2-4304 of the Virginia Public Procurement Act, Cooperative Procurement, as stated, “a public body may purchase from another public body’s contract even if it did not participate in the Request for Proposal or Invitation to Bid, if the Request for Proposal or Invitation to Bid specified that the procurement was being conducted on behalf of other public bodies.”

If authorized by the Bidder(s), the resultant contract(s) may be extended to any jurisdiction within the Commonwealth of Virginia to purchase at contract prices in accordance with contract terms.

Any jurisdiction using such contracts shall place its own orders(s) directly with the Successful Contractor(s). The School Board of the City of Virginia Beach acts only as the Contracting Agent and is not responsible for placement of orders, payment or discrepancies of the participating jurisdictions. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to notify the jurisdictions of the availability of contract(s). Bidders desiring to offer to other jurisdictions under this clause shall so indicate in their response.

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