Intelligent Frictionless Access Control

An Unobtrusive Solution for High-Security Areas

Allow Authorized People to Move Smoothly Around Buildings, Places and Spaces

When a work environment requires a high level of security but also needs to allow easy movement throughout the space, an intelligent frictionless access management solution like that offered by Tyco Software House, a brand of Johnson Controls is the answer. IST is proud to be an integrator of the Software House Tyco Illustra Insight Frictionless Access Control Solution, which combines the quality surveillance of a leading-edge facial recognition camera with a comprehensive access control device.

Enabled by artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, Tyco Illustra Insight provides security personnel with a seamless solution for controlling and visually verifying who has access to restricted areas. The solution recognizes multiple people at once as they approach an entrance, and it provides intuitive alerts via integrated LED lighting and audible “Welcome” or “Deny” messaging to let employees, contractors and visitors know if they are authorized to enter an area. This takes less than one second, keeping the flow of approved users moving swiftly through restricted areas.

From limiting the need for physical cards and button pushing in a healthcare or cleanroom environment to negating the risk of card sharing into sensitive areas at an airport, the application opportunities are wide, and there are numerous real-life benefits to companies and organizations across a broad range of industries.

Purpose-Built Camera for Access Control

Illustra Insight is a purpose-built camera for access control with anti-spoofing “liveness detection” to eliminate the risk of spoofing via photographic image or even video, and to greatly increase accuracy while reducing false positives.

Seamless Integration with Access Control Systems

Designed for seamless integration with Johnson Controls access control brands, this solution can also be interconnected to any access control system with on-board traditional and modern wiring protocols.