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Data Centers

Layered security for mission-critical environments

Data centers present unique challenges when it comes to securing buildings, rooms and sensitive areas, along with the need for cutting-edge cyber security. IST stays at the forefront of innovation so we can pass the benefits on to our data center customers.

Data center security requires high reliability and responsive service. IST’s full lifecycle management approach to IT security ensures your data center security solution is thoughtfully planned and designed for redundancy and resilience. And our customized, integrated solutions use the latest advances in technology to ensure system reliability and interoperability.

In addition, IST understands the layered approach to access control to ensure only authorized individuals have access to specific areas of your building.

As a highly regulated industry, IST understands your need for compliance and your ability to prepare for rigorous audits. Whether your standards are based on SSAE 16 or SOC 2, we have the experience to ensure compliance and that your team is adequately prepared to meet audit requirements and regulatory standards.

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Full Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive protection for the success of your security investment.