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Government agencies have specialized needs and requirements. Success in your next security integration project may depend on your solution provider’s experience in navigating government culture and processes.

IST has specialized in government security integration projects for over 25 years and has worked with governments at all levels from large- and small-state and local municipalities to federal, civilian, Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence agencies, including the Executive Branch.

Not only does IST understand the unique security challenges and compliance requirements of government agencies, but our experts also have the government-specific certifications and clearances that may be required for specific projects, including company certification as a GSA HSPD-12 Qualified Integrator and being an ISO 9001:2015 registered company without restrictions.

And, as a federal GSA and municipal contract holder, IST knows how to streamline the purchasing process to help get your next security project into production while meeting requirements for the “fair and reasonable” standard.

With deep government experience, IST is here to help ensure your agency is secure from every angle.

How IST Secures
the Federal Government

Government-Grade Security
Securing people, property and data isn’t getting any easier. That’s why IST stays with you throughout the lifecycle of your IST security solution to ensure security from every angle.
25+ Years Working with Governments
IST cut its teeth on government projects. We work with agencies at all levels to meet your unique challenges.
Uniquely Qualified for Government
Your need for government-level expertise is covered. IST has the right certifications, clearances and GSA contract vehicles to hit the ground running with your next security integration project.

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Full Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive protection for the success of your security investment.