Mobile Access Control

Secure & Convenient Access to Your Property

Improve User Convenience and Enhance Security via Mobile Device Access

Managing access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more is key to comprehensive physical and electronic security. Adding mobile access improves convenience for users in today’s mobile-first world, allowing them to use their own mobile devices to gain access. From smartphones to tablets to wearables, either iOS or Android, our mobile access control solutions meet the needs of both businesses and their employees.

IST can help you secure your property with the top mobile access control solutions in the industry. These solutions incorporate management portals, access apps, mobile credentials and device readers that work together to simplify secure access. These solutions are easy to deploy to users, who download an app and enroll after receiving an email from the management team. With rules-based access, you can ensure only the right people have access to the appropriate gates, doors, floors, etc. We can even enhance these solutions by adding biometric authentication for the highest level of security.

Security in the Cloud - Ebook - IST

Security in the Cloud

The Key Considerations and ROI Opportunities of Hosted and Managed Security Solutions