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Align Existing Security Investments with New Technologies to Power a Safe Working Environment

As organizations prepare to proceed in today’s emerging landscape of new work safety practices, it’s clear that some things are irreversibly altered. One change that’s likely to remain constant is the broad transition to a distributed workforce.

There will not be a sudden surge of employees back into the office. Many organizations that once espoused a belief in the value of in-office working environments have changed course, and nearly two-thirds of workers plan to work from home as much as possible.

This distributed workforce will require every organization to rethink its approach to worker safety and productivity — especially since critical security, resilience and visibility gaps have been revealed to be more pervasive than expected as a result of the rapid transition to work-from-home.

As one of the leading independent security integrators in the nation, IST has over 20 years of experience in physical and cyber security at the highest levels of Government, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Property Management and other markets. We are proven, solid and considered a top-tier partner of best-in-class technology vendors in the industry. Our seasoned, highly trained security specialists will assess your organization’s readiness and provide the strategies and solutions to ensure that your organization’s most valuable resources – your people, property, and data — are definitively secure.

Here’s how we get it done:

IST will help keep your people safe and productive. We will analyze your environment and existing systems and recommend the appropriate mix of technology, including but not limited to:
  • Control of visitor access points with video intercom systems to allow evaluation prior to granting access
  • Screening of personnel and visitors upon entrance to the building including the use of thermal cameras for wellness checks
  • Logging of all personnel and visitors for contact tracing purposes
  • Digital signage for designated entry points that outline safety requirements and guidelines
In order to secure your property inside and out, touchless technologies must be given consideration to reduce the spread of germs and disease. IST’s specialists will help identify the right mix of technology to integrate with your existing systems, including but not limited to:
  • Wave readers and exit button technologies versus touch requirements like PIN pads or biometric sensor units
  • Face-matching technologies for access/authorization
  • Auto-operator combined with wave buttons for non-access-controlled doors in bathrooms and high traffic areas
  • Touchless meeting rooms that enable collaboration with no touching of cables, remotes, controllers, etc.
With a distributed workforce, data security is more critical than ever before. IST will evaluate your current environment with your specific workforce in mind and ensure all work can be performed in a cyber-secure manner — whether it’s in the office or taking place remotely. This includes:
  • Employee VPN Access – cyber-secure network access
  • Remote access to the security management system(s) including video, access control, intrusion detection and intercom communication
  • Remote notifications from the security management system(s)
  • Authentication/encryption to ensure all remote access is cyber secure
  • Provide Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to continually protect your data and the infrastructure it resides on and leverages for access.

Full Lifecycle Support with S.H.I.E.L.D

Prior to the pandemic, 90% of organizations were struggling to handle the relentless pace of IT and security demands. Today, this has only intensified. IST’s S.H.I.E.L.D Support Program provides a range of managed and hosted solutions that are tailored to your organization’s most complex IT, electronic, physical and cyber-security challenges. S.H.I.E.L.D helps you get the most out of your security budget and improve security outcomes with outsourced infrastructure, specialized staff and ongoing maintenance.

As your organization prepares for the future, IST will ensure your people, property and data are not just protected — they’re definitively secure.Contact us for a Complimentary Work Safe Gap Assessment
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IST's technicians adhere to CDC guidelines and will work within your guidelines as well to keep your people, property and data safe during this time.