Safer workplaces for a Changing World

As organizations adapt to new demands one thing is clear: the broad transition to a distributed workforce is likely here to stay.

This new reality will require every organization to rethink its approach to worker safety and productivity—especially with the emergence of critical security, resilience and visibility gaps in the rapid transition to work-from-home.

Securing People

We analyze your environment and recommend the appropriate mix of technology, including:

  • Control of visitor access points with audio/video communication systems
  • Screening of personnel and visitors upon entrance, including wellness check technologies
  • Logging of all personnel and visitors for contact tracing purposes
  • Digital signage for designated entry points that outline safety requirements and guidelines

Securing Property

IST’s specialists will help identify the right technologies to integrate with your existing systems, including:

  • Touchless wave readers and exit buttons
  • Face-matching technologies for authentication and/or automated access
  • Auto-operator technology combined with wave buttons for non-access-controlled doors in bathrooms and high-traffic areas
  • Meeting rooms optimized for touchless collaboration

Securing Data

We’ll evaluate your current environment to ensure all work can be performed in a cyber-secure manner. This includes:

  • Secure network access for employees via VPN
  • Remote access to, and remote notifications from, your security management system(s)
  • Authentication and encryption to ensure all remote access is cyber-secure
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) to continually protect both your data and your underlying infrastructure