IST is a Certified Integrator for Boon Edam Security Doors, Portals and Turnstiles

IST has a long history working with Boon Edam products to ensure the security of our customers. For more than 10 years, we have utilized Boon Edam’s security access solutions, including the full variety of security doors and portals and turnstiles, as part of our security programs. That’s why we have earned the title of Certified Integrator.

IST’s background makes us particularly equipped to serve as your Boon Edam integrator, in part thanks to our:

Organizations choose Boon Edam’s products because of their company longevity and reliability. With products made in the USA, Boon Edam’s customers are confident in their solutions. IST’s full life-cycle approach to securing people, property and data relies on trustworthy vendors like Boon Edam, making our partnership successful.

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