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Integrating A/V Solutions to Enhance Security and Safety

In covering every angle of security, IST offers many proven, innovative solutions to improve communications with those whom you are protecting. Most of these solutions are designed to integrate with other security systems to provide comprehensive, affordable protection, leveraging your existing infrastructure as much as possible.

Mass Notification and Emergency Communications Solutions

In an emergency, it’s critical to notify the people under your protection quickly and clearly with a multimedia mass notification system. With IST mass notification solutions, you can quickly and easily send alerts over SMS, radios, PA systems, digital signage, computer screen popups and TV monitors to alert students, patients, visitors and employees of emergencies like workplace violence, code alerts, severe weather alerts and suspicious visitors.

Emergency Communications Solutions

Emergency communications solutions such as “blue light” towers and stations seen on many campuses and associated parking garage structures are powerful force multipliers for busy security teams, enabling the public to call security in the event of an emergency. IST offers affordable solutions for panic buttons and emergency phone communications in large facilities and campuses to improve the safety and security of students, employees, patients and visitors.

Complete Meeting Room Solutions

Today’s meetings and conferences almost always involve remote participants. But not every meeting is productive due to unfavorable acoustics. IST designs and builds customized meeting room solutions leveraging your existing enterprise network and optimizes sound quality for each space to make every meeting and presentation a success.

Audio/Visual Intercom Solutions

IST A/V intercom solutions enable security teams to communicate between door and master stations with no distance limitations. Utilizing your existing IP infrastructure, our intercom solutions don’t require a server and can integrate with video management systems, access control systems, network camera systems and your internal telephone network for easy, flexible deployment.

Sound Masking Solutions

The human voice can travel through walls or be overheard in conversations over telephone or in open spaces. IST offers sound masking solutions to protect the privacy of verbal communications. Using a low-level, non-distracting masking noise, sound masking is particularly effective in open-plan offices, medical examination rooms, Federal Government SCIFs and other places where conversations can be overheard. Sound masking solutions can help ensure the privacy of protected information and compliance with HIPAA, where information privacy extends to verbal communications.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage can quickly communicate important information at specific locations such as building entrances, lobbies, event venues or any place where people gather or traverse. Messages about parking, traffic, crowd control and any other aspect of security and personal safety can be broadcast widely through digital signs placed strategically throughout your building or campus.

Customized Control Room Solutions

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are the operating nexus of many security teams. IST provides SOCs with A/V solutions that integrate with systems like video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection to provide communication and perimeter control of gates, barriers, bollards and similar installations. Situational awareness from every angle is paramount in supporting security efforts, SOCs bring everything together in a centralized manner so intelligent decisions can be made with all the pertinent information available.

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