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Cloud-based Security Infrastructure

Maintaining your own security infrastructure can become expensive over time. Multiple solutions from multiple vendors can lead to an unmanageable level of complexity leading to downtime and runaway expenses.

By consolidating all or part of your security system on fully managed cloud servers, you can eliminate costly infrastructure and put the headaches of vendor sprawl behind you, and in the process, lower the total cost of ownership over time.

IST or its authorized hosting partner handles all infrastructure and software maintenance in the background, including software updates and proactive troubleshooting, freeing up time for your IT professionals to work on mission-critical business activities.

In addition, cloud-based security systems enable remote access and monitoring with the ability to receive and respond to alerts from any device at any time for quick response times.

Managed Infrastructure & Staff Augmentation

As threats escalate and evolve, keeping up with the latest security tactics and tools can be a full-time job. IST’s managed solutions provide the critical component for managing any security system where internal client resources are overwhelmed or nonexistent. By managing your security infrastructure and associated administrative responsibilities through IST, you have access to the best security minds in the industry to help keep your data secure. Outsourcing infrastructure administration and management to IST is another way to reduce or repurpose your internal manpower resources for more efficiency and potentially cost savings.

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