Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure

Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation

Protect Your Data to Protect Your Organization

Your data is your business. Protecting data from hackers is getting more complex as attacks increase in sophistication. And with the proliferation of IoT devices on enterprise networks, attackers have more ways to gain entry.

IST takes a comprehensive, structured approach to cyber security to help organizations find and prioritize existing vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability assessments test your network infrastructure and systems, including servers, switches, routers, desktop computers, devices and software applications.

Our service hunts and collects threats across your network. IST then provides feedback on the best ways to remediate weaknesses. We also ensure that your software, firmware and hardware are up to date as possible, along with monitoring your environment for malware and other attacks that may be lurking in the background.

IST is FICAM-ready

IST is a uniquely qualified security systems integrator for Federal Agencies requiring compliance with Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) requirements. IST has multiple Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) in-house technical resources to manage deployment of FIPS201-2 compliant PACS (Physical Access Control Systems) solutions. Those resources are equipped to provide their expertise for services ranging from design through deployment to full lifecycle support in order to maintain a fully compliant solution as those requirements change over time. IST can provide all Approved Products List (APL) product solutions and related technical services to provide a fully compliant GSA solution via our GSA Schedule Contract.

IST can also assist Federal Agencies with IT compliance-related items such as Interim Authority to Operate (IATO) and Authority to Operate (ATO) requirements to ensure the FICAM solution is approved for use on Federal IT infrastructure. This includes assisting with POAMs (Plan of Action and Milestone) and SA&A (Security Assessment & Authorization) support to ensure the system is compliant and remains compliant as requirements change.

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