Network Engineering

Ongoing Uptime, Ongoing Protection with Network Engineering and Cyber Security Solutions

If you’ve lost access to the Internet for even a few minutes, you’re keenly aware of how much we depend on our computers, tablets and mobile devices and require their unceasing access to the networks with which we connect. Whether tapping into your business accounting and human resource systems, accessing communication systems such as email and IP telephony, leveraging global positioning systems for navigation or supporting commercial transactions including sales and credit cards transactions, uptime is vitally important. Now more then ever, businesses and individuals depend heavily on these systems for their day-to-day operations.

High-speed networks provide the connections between the computer systems that store our vital personal and corporate data, and properly engineering and maintaining your network infrastructure is key. You need to ensure that it is protected up to (or better than) the level of risk you are willing to endure. IST has more than a decade of experience in network engineering and cyber security with expertise in:

  • Logical access
  • Management of high-speed networks from the core routers to the edge
  • Management of enterprise class firewalls and their rule sets
  • Directory Services implementation, backup and consolidation
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Remote Access Server Based Computing and thin clients
  • Network Infrastructure and Video/Data Storage
  • Cryptographic Capabilities

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