Turnstiles, Barriers, Gates and Booths

When your physical security is at stake, few measures are more effective.

Turnstiles, barriers, gates, booths and bollards are increasingly outsourced by other security solution providers, but IST does not. Security this critical is too important to bid out, and IST has the in-house expertise to design, install, service, upgrade and maintain these blockades, to solidly secure your space.

There is a large variety of strong and reliable security measures to suit your needs, with options for automatic or manual operations, different grades of materials, ascending levels of security and even tailored aesthetics.

We offer the following:

Turnstiles for Visitor Access: These structures can guide visitors and personnel to their respective routes. They are available in any number of configurations and can be customized to complement any decor.

  • Optical Turnstiles feature unobtrusive barriers that drop into the device; infrared beams count people and alert security personnel to attempted tailgating.
  • Full Height Turnstiles can be installed internally or externally and create a virtually impenetrable barrier.
  • Tripod Turnstiles reliably count those gaining access.

Barriers/Gates/Booths for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM): These road blockades provide anti-ram security against a vehicular assault, often deterring breaches just by their visibility. Banks, airports, and other highly security areas benefit from these barriers, which can be lowered to let authorized vehicles through.

  • Road Blockers provide absolute security with impenetrable materials, and they can be installed on any road surface.
  • Arm Barriers/Gates With or Without Booths: Electro-mechanically operated gates can be installed with a shallow foundation, which eases installation and reduces costs.
  • Spike Barriers deliver maximum security and a powerful visual warning since they’ll obliterate tires and rims. They’re available in different widths to address low to high security risks, and they install easily.

Traffic Bollards for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM): Often beautifully camouflaged in outdoor areas, traffic bollards provide formidable anti-ram protection. Easy to operate, they flexibly handle traffic control in places where vehicular needs change throughout the day, like city centers, walking promenades, and shopping areas – since they can be raised or lowered to for access. The materials have great longevity and resist vandalism. Environmentally forward options are also available.

No matter what solution is right for you, we take your security seriously. Our experts’ full lifecycle approach views your strategy from every angle to ensure you stay absolutely secure.

For more information on turnstiles, barriers and traffic bollard solutions, give us a call at 703-464-4766 or visit us here.

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