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Take complete control of your premises and perimeter with access control technology solutions from IST. Whether you need to monitor employees, contractors or visitors, we can equip you with an access control system that ensures only designated, authorized personnel enter secured areas at specified times.

Our proficiency in Centralized Remote Management services gives you the ability to oversee multiple facilities and even entire geographies at once, providing your authorized staff with access to several buildings – using just one card. Conversely, you can deny access to unauthorized visitors and employees (including the on-demand removal of access rights and credentials electronically, i.e. terminations, resignations, etc.), to maintain protection of sensitive areas. With our innovative security software platforms, you’ll effectively monitor employee access and run traffic reports so that you can keep tabs on your security landscape – all in real time. You can even authorize an immediate lock-down in the event of a security emergency – a critical capability in today’s work, school and campus environments.

Merging our security systems with your organization’s databases is simpler than ever. Our expertise gives you the power to integrate multiple business functions while strengthening your security posture. Additionally, you can seamlessly connect our access control system technologies to other existing or planned business systems, including fire and life safety, intrusion detection, CCTV and Video Management Systems (VMS) and other such platforms and programs, secure in the knowledge that activity detected by one system can be acted upon by another.

Finally, the solutions are scalable, affording you the flexibility to add or subtract components as your needs change.

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