Biometrics Security

Unmistakable Credentials

IST is a biometrics security technology integrator, with expert capability in the implementation of the latest in fingerprint identification, facial recognition and iris scan identification. These high-tech and extremely reliable technologies are also very user-friendly and will seamlessly integrate, functionally and aesthetically, into your secure environment. As with all of our systems, compatibility with our other security systems is a critical component of the selection criteria, and you can be sure that the biometric devices we provide can be fully integrated with your other security measures.

Our biometrics devices can determine whether someone has permission to access specified areas at designated times – with 100% accuracy. Authorized personnel will no longer have to keep track of access cards and PINs, and you won’t have to replace outdated keypads. An individual’s unique physical characteristics hold the key to your identity and afford you the access you have been granted.

Other perimeter systems include outdoor videos and alarms, ground-based radar technology, automobile access systems, automobile barriers, security fences, card access stations, k-rated gates and photo-electric systems. Let IST review your facility and provide you with a comprehensive assessment so that you can ensure the level of protection needed to secure your perimeter.

For more information on how biometrics security can enhance your protection, give us a call at 703-464-4766 or contact us.

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