Washington, DC Security Systems Integrator

IST (Integrated Security Technologies) has been the largest independent Washington, DC security systems integrator for over 20 years. We provide a full lifecycle approach to securing people, property and data in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Washington, DC is home to some of our clients, including the Department of Energy and American University.

No matter which business you’re in, strong security has to be a high priority. Proliferating cyber and physical threats are real hazards that can wreak havoc on a business in an instant. Without sound security, your business is facing devastating risks.

IST has deep expertise in both physical and cyber security, as well as their continuing convergence. We’ll work with you to ensure that your security meets your company’s unique challenges and requirements and most importantly, that your people, property and data are completely secure.

While we work with a large variety of industries, we have deep experience securing the Government, Education, Healthcare, Data Centers and Property Management sectors.

Our Solutions

To deliver the most effective solution, we apply an integrated approach that carefully considers the software, hardware and infrastructure components for your customized plan. Since our complete suite of solutions and services meets virtually every security and information technology requirement possible, we can streamline your physical and IT security into one tailored comprehensive solution.

The result is absolute security — and complete peace of mind for your business or organization. The following are areas in which we specialize:

Service Area

Founded in Herndon, VA in 1997, we have offices in Herndon, Virginia Beach, Roanoke and Richmond; we also serve Washington, DC, Maryland, northern and southern Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

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